Zenfolio | Andy Keels Photography | Artist Statement

Sweet Gum

My photography is about perspective. Since childhood I have been interested in
perspectives, whether human, animal, chronological or visual, and these thoughts are
never far from my mind when I am creating images.


My photography is about chaos. I am interested in capturing patterns and symmetry that
have resulted from the complexity of nature. I try to discover the beauty of order within randomness.
Chaos Theory and the study of fractals provide much of my philosophical and visual
inspiration and continue to make the natural world a source of wonder for me.


My photography is about scale. I try to take a vision, a snapshot view of one instant in
time, and choose the scale at which I want to depict this moment. Sometimes this image
is miniscule detail or only an insignificant speck of a much more complex landscape. Other
times I choose to show the larger, grander image of the environment that surrounds me. I often try to
show multiple views and scales. The choice of scale is what drives me to photograph
and where I draw most of my creativity.